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Don’t turn off your machine!

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Don’t turn off your machine!

  1. What is the longest time was your computer running for? What was your operating system back then?
  2. How many times did you often use SHUTDOWN/RESTART/SUSPEND/HIBERNATE?

This article aims to discuss power choices and what is the best to meet your requirement, as using the right choice would save your time, power, and money. First of all what is the function of every one of them?

  • Power off/ Shutdown:

It brings down all your computer component and you can remove the power source. Despite for the start up it consumes a lot of power, power means money of course, and the most important it takes long time to boot.

  • Suspend/Sleep:

It brings all your computer down but RAM “Random Access Memory”. RAM is the tricky part, as you are working and running programs RAM is the place to store all services processes, ….etc and so if you need all your programs running again then you just need to restore RAM data as it is volatile and it saves nothing if you remove the power source. Suspend do it this way as I said before. Keeping the RAM power on will keep your data and then you will have your computer up in a very low time that saves your time despite RAM consumes power even if it very low but for a laptop battery, you will need it.

  • Hibernate:

It can restore your computer to it’s previous state as suspend and shuts all your computer like Shutdown, but how? It copies the RAM data to hard disk and here you are your computer up with running programs and continue your work. For sure it takes time to copy the data back to RAM and that’s what take time in start up.

Now what is the best choice?

If you will leave your computer for a short time then SUSPEND is your best choice. You will save the power that will be drained in the start up and time of course -Suspend takes just a few seconds and your computer is up and working.

If you will leave your computer for a long time and wants your work back then HIBERNATE is your best choice. It takes more time in start up than suspend but it will save your power which will be very effective for a laptop.

If you finished what you are doing and all saved and okay then SHUTDOWN is the best one as computers needs to rest.

Personal experience:

Back to 3 years as my lazy brain remembers! Microsoft was testing windows 7 and I really wanted to test and see what is new. I was working on windows XP and I left my PC working for 3 days downloading Windows 7. All I could say describing my PC, it was like walking dead -very very slow-. I started to use Fedora/Linux nearly 2 years ago. Now I am leaving my PC to 5 or more days without even a restart and it is always as just powered up every time I got back to it.

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